Countertop Turn Times

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is “How fast can I get my countertops” ?  Although everyone would love to get things turned around quickly, it doesn’t do anyone any good if they are not done right. And the truth is, it takes time to do it right.  If you have a fabricator in your local area that advertises quick turnaround times, please beware!

When you rush through countertop fabrication, it usually means that there is some corners being cut or they are just not taking pride in their work.  An average turnaround time for a job with my company which has remained consistent for over 20 years now is 3 weeks from template to install. This means from the time it is measured until the time you are able to use your new countertops. It requires all of that time to go through the proper channels to ensure the job is done right and meets, or exceeds customer expectations.

I know everyone is excited about their new countertops and anxious to start putting them to use. However, be patient. If your were having surgery, you wouldn't tell the doctor to speed up, would you ?  It is a complex process and in order to provide you the best job without cutting any corners you just might want to consider waiting a little longer than you would like. In the end, it is worth it.


What our customers are saying: “Leo did a great job overseeing the process, and was reachable and accommodating if we had to change schedules. He and Pedro always arrived exactly when they said they would, and we were very pleased with his oversight and attention to detail.”
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