How It Works

No H2O Makes Wet Area Installation Safer and Easer than Ever

A good contractor knows that tile and grout joints are not waterproof. Moisture gets into these areas and collects in the wall or floor structure, and is the primary cause of mold and leaks.

No H2O is installed on top of backing materials, rather than below in order to eliminate leaks.

  • Allows tile covering to dry between uses
  • Reduces potential for efflorescence and mold growth
  • Dramatically reduces total installation time

By using No H2O as the waterproofing system beneath tile covering, our contractors are able to promise tiled showers that last a lifetime—and truly deliver on the promise of quality and peace of mind every time.

Job gone wrong

Job gone right with No H2O

What our customers are saying: “Our project was done in a timeframe that was easy for us, and considering all of the work that your company has going right now, we are amazed that our relatively small project was done so quickly.”
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